Guns In Their Houses – A poem by Elisa B

culture & society, head talks

come on,
be yourself.

make sure your house
inside is filled with joy.

start off with
your first walk,
tiny step
I fall,
now I stand tall.


sing your soul out.
smoothing and calming
bang bang
you’re dead
shot in the head
3 times, 2 times, one.


dance your heart
out. breathe in
bang bang
50 people are dead.

and hold.

nothing else can be told.
disasters, and misery
in busy streets.

and candles on the floor,
I’m sorry they’re not here anymore.

these people,
put guns in their houses
and looked at their watches.
time ticked and ticked
and all we heard was gun shots.

people are crying,
and sighing yet
guns are still in their houses.

bang bang.