Everything is ours. The world revolves around you, and everything you see is tainted by that, dripping in the significant, or lack off, that you grant it. The park is holding hands for the first time, the candle you light is your comfort, your hair is you so you brush it respectively.
The time spent working on issue 5 has been a time of reclamation for me. In all of our issues, a theme has never felt more personal or prevalent. As a super over-emotional, over-effected person, everything surrounding me has significance; and too often in my life, when the memory attached turns sour, what was once mine is lost to me. Albums are no longer listened to, and I change the routes I walk to avoid that shop. For the past months I’ve been working on this issue, while trying to regain things that were mine, and it turned into a battle of identity. I’ve been thinking about what makes me me, what’s mine to own, what subjects are mine to talk about.
And this issue definitely feels like we were all thinking about that. The result is a collective thought on our own, individual selves and experiences. Each person sharing something of theirs; a portion of their lives and challenges and private emotions. We merged, mine to ours, ours to yours.
In this issue I’d like to thank everyone that’s stuck by me patiently while I tried to regather myself, thank you to my loved ones for helping me find pieces.
Issue 5 turned out very differently than planned. Initially it was going to be small, but we grew. I can’t thank everyone enough. Thank you to the people that have been part of the team since issue 1, and thank you to the new creatives I’ve met, whether it be through uni or social media. I’m in awe. Thank you for sharing these pieces with me.
Now take this as your own, we give it to you.

– Lucy Harbron