Little bro,

First of all, sad as this may be, you are one of my best friends. On the other hand, you are also my younger brother, therefore it is my job to embarrass you, give you advice, and generally fill in the gaps that parents leave to try and shape you into the best person you can be.  I’m writing this letter before your first real date with your new girlfriend to try and make this particular piece of advice less awkward and weird, and these are some of the things I want you to know and remember:

  1. Slut-shaming girls is not cool. You’re fifteen and a boy surrounded by ‘lad’ culture, so I imagine this information may come as something of a surprise to you, but it’s never alright to judge a girl on what she may have done with other people, whether or not your friends say it is. This also applies to pressuring girls to do something they don’t want to, but I’m kind of relying on the fact that you’re a decent person who know that yes means yes and anything other than yes is a no and stuff (We’ve already had THAT talk).

2) It is fine to show your emotions. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Also, follow your instincts based on these emotions, as from my experience, they are usually right.

3) Remember to be your own person, with your own life and thoughts and interests. A relationship can never healthy when the people involved are joined at the hip.

4) You don’t have to have everything in your whole life planned out. Enjoy what you have now, and cross those bridges when you come to them. It’s absolutely normal to not know where you are going.

5) Lastly, be secure in your own personality. I haven’t met this girl yet, but I’m sure that if she has agreed to go out with you, she knows enough about you to have decided that you are someone she wants to be with. Don’t feel like you have to be anyone else, because chances are, she’ll like you just how you are.

Love from,

Your big sister

P.S. sorry in advance for embarrassing you in front of her when I drop you off at your date. It’s my job!