tuxpi.com.1441049707Lucy Harbron (Founder & Editor)

17 year old gal that can be found either editing KILORAN, writing for several places on the internet or sat in bed watching sex and the city and eating toast. She’s into re-reading the same books over and over, breakfast foods, Stevie Nicks and instagramming way too much.


Instagram- @lucyharbron_

Twitter- @lucyharbron


Rachelle Cox

My name is Rachelle but its pronounced like Rachel and I guess that’s a metaphor for life; everything is not what it seems. Chunky but funky. “@heartshapedteen is the soundest/ funniest girl I know” – some random guy from yik yak

Instagram- @heartshapedteen

Twitter- @cobaincocain


Daisy-Chain Scott

Short-sighted journalist, trying to make the world a more equal place – however still believes that the world revolves around music and Liam Gallagher. Find me loitering in press pits of gigs and milling around on the internet.


Instagram- @daisychainscott


Grace Thambyrajah

Gracie T; Pretty rad don’t get mad

Instagram- @grace_drums

Twitter- @graceTDCC


Sonja Katanic

An eccentrically-dressed, whimsically creative, bitter illustrator and writer. When she’s not obsessively watching movies, she’s crying over harry styles, editing over at Plasma Dolphin and listening to dream pop in her underwear.


Instagram- @sonjatitanic

Twitter- @sonjatitanic


Eliza Caraher

Probably in leopard print and pretending I’m cool. I just wanna create beautiful things with writing, film and photography. Often ranting about world issues or Quentin Tarantino’s genius.



Instagram- @elizacaraher

Twitter- @elizacaraher_


Emmie Lois

Lover of all things great…and most likely out of budget. I eat carbs way too often but they’re just so yummy. Give me any song from any genre with a good beat and I will dance like a loon. Look to me on Kiloran for fashion edits and general wonderment


Instagram- @emmielois

Twitter- @emmielois

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Izaak Bosman

A wannabe somebody with an innate love of Bowie and the Beat generation’s vibe; I also have an overwhelming fear of inequality and ‘nobbly bobbly’ ice creams.

Instagram- @groovy.cactus

Twitter- @izaakbosman


Lauren Aitken

Adventurous 16 year old feminist, trying to change the world one ripple at a time. I love studying languages in order to meet as many amazing people as possible. In my spare time I dance the ballet, read 19th century mystery novels and plan my future home in Paris

Instagram- @laurenaitken8

Twitter- @laurenaitken8


Kelsey Ellington

Deep thinker and thoughtful writer. I work on YouTube uploading mainly poetry, vlogs and songs with Red (my guitar). I guess you could say my lyrics are just as thought provoking as my poetry.


Instagram- @kelseylaurenellington


Lauren Hardy

Lauren Hardy or ldh is a 17 year old high school student from the United States. She enjoys expressing herself and finding inspiration through writing, music, art, traveling, and attending concerts.


Twitter- @laurxnn



1)Trying to be a happy bean

2)Forever resorting to paper and pen to organise my thoughts, alas if only it were that easy

3)Don’t worry so much about number 2, there’s normally a band that’s already got your feelings nailed and made a song about it.


Jonathan Whyatt

Just trying to find the words to describe the thoughts that plague my mind. They’re just words, empty words.But the right ones could wake the earth.

Twitter- @straangehouse

Photo Editor https://www.tuxpi.com

Amelia Coburn

The morr-i-ssey you, the marr I like you.


Instagram- @ammmelia_

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