Dear younger Daisy,

First of all, cut that hair off – you don’t like it long and you want it short, just cut it off.

Secondly, when people ask you to do something, always say yes – don’t hesitate, just yes. You’ll open yourself up to greater things if you open up to people. People will be more aware of you and therefore you won’t pass those opportunities when they come for you. “Yes.”

Thirdly, please don’t be scared of yourself, you are who you are – you are great and idiosyncratic. When that girl tells you that you look “weird”, own it – when it is non-uniform, don’t run down to Topshop and buy that dress that you secretly hate, wear that jumper you like from the festival, and those clumpy shoes that you love. Those girls/boys aren’t going to be there when you are happy, and if it “offends their eye” then do it, it only winds them up because you are comfortable in yourself and they are far from comfortable in their own skin.

Now, listen up. There is nothing wrong with you concentrating in class, because you know in the end it is all going to be worth it, if they laugh at you, laugh back because in a few years they’ll be nowhere to be seen and you will be happy. Don’t worry about those girls/boys in the schools that used to make you feel like you were never good enough, you are good enough.

Do not be scared to love, it’s perfectly normal to show emotion and if someone shows it towards you, replenish in it and take them on – don’t hesitate to take that jump that you are just not used to – because it might change you for the better person you are now. Take every chance that comes your way, trust me – your future self lives off of those chances and you might just get free concert tickets in the long run.

Love yourself and take every chance, you are your own person and you should own it – you get further in life than you ever thought you would – trust me. As a person once told me, “You have to learn to love yourself before anyone else can have the chance to love you back.”

Lots of love,

Your older self