lover, you are the one who ignored the letter that got sent to you last week

lover, you see so many different lovers that you make my bones break

lover, you are allowed to walk down division street hand in hand with your new lover without a care

lover, you was my mystery and i yours too

lover, shake salt from the sea and curl into my lap on the crete sand

lover, you are the one who sits stranded in your mothers arms on a rainy edinburgh night

lover, you’re the white noise that rings in my ear as i lay alone allowing myself to love

lover, you understand my longing is not a virtue of wrong doing and hedonism

lover, i know our dreams of a new york summertime are long over, strangers have told me that

lover, here’s to the sound of the music lining the hallways

lover, here’s to the lovers who dance to the jazz and sinatra of yesteryear

lover, here’s to you being kept sacred in my past

lover, here’s to you dead in the spotlight, alive in my mind

lover, you can abuse your muse until you collapse, save them thoughts till next tuesday

lover, where are you tonight?

lover, you are the one who sedates me and disconnects my mind

lover, kill me softly and praise my mother

lover, maybe i’ll see you christmas day again and lovers we will be


Words by John McCullagh

Art by Rachelle Cox