In recent years, a culture of body shaming has developed, whether that’s shaming our own bodies or someone else’s.

When we discuss the areas of our body that we are repulsed by, or the things we would pay to change or the limbs and features we cover just to leave the house, it feels okay, it feels acceptable. Until someone mentions something they like about themselves, something they look in the mirror and feel happy with. This then feels alien and uncomfortable.

I feel narcissistic to address something about myself that I am okay with.

How have we developed a society in which it feels better to discuss what we hate than what we love?

So here is a list of 5 things I love about my body, and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same, stick it by your mirror, on your wardrobe door, your blog, tell someone-encourage others to talk about the things they love.

1) The moles in odd places on my face, because they are unique and individual.
2) My eyebrows because they are full and retain a shape I like with no attention meaning I can get up 5 minutes later.
3) My stomach because it looks okay in tight dresses and jeans, most of the time, despite the fact I do no exercise and spend all day eating.
4) The colour of my skin because I look tanned even though it has rained for 5 days straight.
5) My hands because, although they are chunky and have deep ridges that would only be right on an old woman, they can write at a crazy pace which is a definite advantage in exams.

By Katie Hunter