pt. 1


I am lying on my back in an alleyway.

And the stones are digging into my skin,

as I rack my mind, about all those times

that I refused to let you in.


Do you remember this? When I needed

someone, and you texted me on your phone.

But I told you not to worry, and I watched

the clouds align perfectly on my own.


A part of me wishes I had told you how I felt.

And I wish I had the courage to speak.

My face is covered in bits of soot and sand,

I don’t want you to think that I’m weak


but I’m lying on my back in an alleyway.

And I’m struggling to stay on track.

Still, my girlfriend was expecting me half

an hour ago, so maybe I should hurry back.

pt. 2


We were sat out on my couch, hanging out, having fun.

And I never really expected what occurred to have begun.

But as our eyes connected for that moment I have one

sole regret, that I will hold forever.


I keep my cards close to my chest

all the time, I’ll never change.

Chase me out your village,

for I am sick, I am deranged

to think for even one second

that I could ever waste your time.

With idle staring into space

when the ticker doesn’t chime

inside my head. God!

I wish that I was dead.

Maybe if that was the case

I wouldn’t rip my brains to shreds

every single day this week.

You’re only ever there for me.


I haven’t got the words to speak.

But you’re only ever there for me.

And it all now looks so bleak.

But you’re only ever there for me.

And our connection, it feels antique

but you’re only ever there for me.


So why wasn’t I there for you?


By James Huxtable