When I was younger I used to let the past linger over me like a dark cloud.What I didn’t know was that the past, no matter how dark, plays a crucial role in who I am now. The past is exactly what it is, the past. This is coming from someone who used to live in fear because of her past. Whether it were past mistakes, friendships, relationships,etc. For example, in this generation that we live in a lot of people are afraid of relationships and falling in love because they fear getting their heart broken, or cheated on or lied to. All because of one person who put them through that experience. When you come to terms and accept that things like that are bound to happen at least once in your life then you can move forward.

The past should never be a bad thing; embrace it, learn from it and more importantly grow from it.

Acknowledge what you went through and more importantly forgive yourself.

Don’t live in fear because you think the past will affect your future, it’s all about now.

Everything happens for a reason, don’t let a thing of the past haunt you.

Use the memories to self reflect on the person you are now.


By Clarissa U