Are you a passionate, driven, creative individual?

Do you want to take a stand, and make change for social justice and equality movements?

Do you have interest and/or experience with art, design, up-cycled clothing or social media?

We are in the process of creating a company, Take Pride, that will provide eco-friendly, screen-printed, up-cycled apparel for equality movements (such as Intersectional Feminism, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ+) as well as for individuals to express pride in their identity. Beyond this, we want to serve a greater purpose, by becoming a place to share relevant news, information and educational resources. When possible, we also want to donate a portion of the profits to charitable organisations.

Currently, this is a passion project. While there may be an opportunity for payment in the future – when we are selling items and can get an idea of what our profits will look like, what we will need to circulate back into the company to pay for materials, and what will be given to charities – we’re still at a very early stage.

What We’re Looking For

We’re specifically looking for:

  1. people who can create interesting and visually appealing designs that would look great on up-cycled clothes, and/or
  2. people who could help us run our social media, promoting the clothes as well as other information and resources.

We want people who are:

  • passionate, driven and creative
  • environmentally conscious
  • able to create artwork that will express the identities and/or movements they belong to, to create empowerment and raise awareness
  • savvy with social media
  • informed and up-to-date with social justice and equality movements/issues
  • wanting to bring about change

You don’t have to meet this full criterion – if you feel you are strong in certain areas, but not others, that’s fine! This is why we want to form a diverse team, so that we can bring different strengths and experiences together.

Why You Should Apply

This opportunity would allow you to meet and engage with new people, allow you to creatively collaborate in a diverse group, and give you the opportunity to bring your designs to life. You would have the opportunity to learn new skills – if you’re more interested in the design aspect, you could still give the social media coordinating a try, and vice versa.

If the above excites you, then whatever your race, (a)gender, (a)sexuality, age or ability, and wherever you live, we want to hear from you!

Follow this link to apply:–diverse-creators-wanted/2261