georgie at home album
What did you do during lockdown? Cause Georgie made a whole album

Hailing from Nottingham, songstress on the rise Georgie wears her heart on her sleeve charging the singer’s music with a nice blend of soul but marked by a sharp pop edge. Having built a name in her hometown as a resident open mic night and pub singer, she became quite the local songbird, managing to tour with fellow Nottinghamite (Nottinghamian?) Jake Bugg. Behind Georgie is a loyal fanbase propelling her into the mainstream and extending her touring schedule with bands Blossoms, Jack Savoretti and, more recently, the legendary Lighthouse Family.

In 2016 Georgie travelled to Virginia, USA to record her debut single Company of Thieves, racking up nearly 250,000 streams on Spotify. Across the pond she teamed up with triple-threat singer/ songwriter/producer that is Matthew E White and his Spacebomb Records house band.
In a recent interview, Georgie asserted: “the music industry is still very male-dominated. There’s definitely more room for females and they shouldn’t be scared to get out there and show what they can do”. Practising what she preaches, it’s refreshing to see an autonomous female musician battling the stakes in an intensely misogynistic industry for the greater good of girl power. Cool as fuck.

Onto the new album, Georgie had been building her very own home studio over the last year so with coronavirus locking us inside, she definitely has the means to stay creative during this problematic pandemic. Expressing her lockdown feelings more eloquently than most other Brits – she’s gone and done a full album! Honestly, the pub celebrations are warranted in Georgie’s case.

The opening song Company reflects on friendship and has that real summer get together feel about it, I’m talking your friends, together at the park, the pub, the beach – a landscape of nostalgia. With the catchy chord progression and upbeat vocals, this is a sure winner to put the listener in a great mood and pining for more. Followed by Simple Things, we have another nod to friendship and the simpler things in life, twinned with fine piano notes and once again impressive vocals. I can see this track going down very well live, arms around each other filling the room with love for each other.

Don’t get too chummy, next is a song of heartbreak; Unrequited Love comes through with a string section that wraps around you like the last hug or kiss from a broken relationship beyond repair as the lyrics mirror so well. All is not quite as hollow in our hearts as we then get a taste of romance with Rules We Broke. The build-up of light drums and guitar come with a fulfilling crescendo of pre-chorus guitar into a sing-along chorus, the guitar solo encapsulating the heavy sound nicely and testifying to Georgie’s talents. Onto the wonderful single Chasing Kites, released on 24th July, produced by Eg White (Adele, Florence & The Machine, Kylie Minogue). This is as close to pop perfection you can get – there’s a reason this is the first single off of the album. Her storytelling ability through lyric really comes through with this message of being better off with someone that wants you, watch your back Taylor Swift.

Another soulful delivery in Now We’re Lonely as Georgie sings about inner struggles and decisions right or wrong. Bringing in some tickling backing vocals to accompany her voice in this track which really couples the type of sound created by the young singer. Me And You Only really accentuates her romantic side describing the whirlwind of invincibility you can feel as a twentysomething in love. More drumbeats and a catchy chorus bring this song to life, ‘let’s leave tonight we don’t have to be at this party’, I can hear echoing in a crowd already.

Closing the album, Blue Waters is an ode to the future and how bright it could be, a bright finisher with some horns thrown in for good measure. It’s a brilliant track to end on as opposed to most elegiac final songs for albums. There’s nothing like a good bop to leave a lasting impression.

With so many names attached to this artist’s success story, At Home proves her talent extends beyond who she knows. The veracious album is a testament to Georgie’s talent as a musician and songwriter typified by her vocals pulsing with soul. She has a hunger to make music that needs to be consumed. Expressing emotions about love, romance and excess, she is not simply another songstress throwing together melodies for a big hit. Her music delves deeper and must be explored to recognise Georgie’s full potential.