MINT turbulence

MINT, a Grimsby based foursome, are bracing the perils of the pandemic and coming through with a very aptly named new single Turbulence. Following their single Goodbye Beautiful, the band implores further socio-political issues, albeit doused with angst and nostalgic melodies grounding the contemporary subject.

From the first strum, you are invited to hear another addition to the catalogue of modern indie. In what appears to be a saturated scene of male-fronted bands, MINT stand separate. The four-piece comprises of four fairly different personalities distilled in their music. Frontman Zak, of half Palestinian descent, avant-garde inspired guitarist Lenny and Veggie and Bambi – need I say more?

Opening with a beefy bass, the track takes you aboard  ‘Pleasure Airline’, but soon finds you riding a lazy wave of chords and classically heavy alternative vocals , punctuated by the refrain (‘this is your captain speaking/ Never forget this feeling’) that signals a build in the song’s narrative and accompaniment.

A sensual ambience drips through the monotonic vocals and the dynamics of lyric – the verses are benign in composition but are soon interrupted by a forceful chorus brewing instability – or turbulence if you will. The assertive lyrics are received by burgeoning angst with the potential to explode. This sensuality is not sexual but creates a kind of kaleidoscope of feelings for the listener to decipher.

However, Turbulence is never truly turbulent and maybe that’s the point. The song’s swelling climax is not quite achieved but instead, the music and lyrics engender a consistent frustration. Frustration at what exactly is unclear but frequent nods to sensation, danger and unfathomable heights burden the lyrics and bitterly resonate with the world’s current situation.

MINT’s frontman, Zak, clarifies ‘“it’s a nod to mental health seen through a cinematic plane crash.” I can’t confidently trace a plane crash in the song, perhaps the remnants of one, however, the lyrical imagery coupled with dependable music synchronise for a great listen at its surface with a lasting hum asking you to dig a little deeper – for me anyway.