‘When talking about inspirational and empowering women there are a plethora of names, both of history and our modern era, that come to mind. For me, I think Malala deserves to be very high on that list – in 2012 she was shot three times in the head whilst aboard her school bus, a punishment for speaking out about education for girls. Not only did she survive, she was immediately cast into an international spotlight and now, at the age of only 17, is an incredible spokesperson for equal rights across the board who has received a Nobel peace prize for her triumphing bravery. She never faltered and used her attack to continue fighting against the oppression that tried to take her life, and if that’s not inspirational I don’t know what is.’ – Fred Ostrovskis

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‘My Mother: For always being the light and the voice in my head reminding me how to treat people.’ – Lucas Jones


‘Patti Smith is like the face of god to me. She’s a constant thought, a constant reminder that you never need to limit yourself. You can be wise, you can be poetic and creative and intelligent and vulnerable and open, while still being ferociously, unapologetically bold and strong. She empowers me to think more, write more, live more, be more. She radiates.’ – Lucy Harbron


‘To Isis, my favourite woman. You are strong, intelligent, beautiful and kind. You have always been my best friend.’ – Maya Kearney


‘I suppose its not just one woman that empowers me but a group of women, there are two in particular, Halla Tomasdóttir and Kristín Pétursdóttir, the Chairman and CEO of Audur Capital in Iceland. Now I’m not one for understanding politics or banking and financials, suppose I haven’t got that far in life, but what I do know is that when Iceland had its financial crisis in 2008, Audur Capital succeeded in keeping the funds of their clients while the rest of Iceland collapsed. Audur Capital is ran entirely by women, Halla argued that having more women in finance and in decision-making processes will lead to better decisions, not because women are better, but because they are different, and can lend a different perspective, leading to better-informed responses and solutions.’ – Elizabeth Evans


‘Initially I tried to think of women that inspire me the most and I honestly believe that every woman that I come into contact with inspires me in some way. But at the crux of all of this its my responsibility to inspire and empower myself. My independence as a woman is my greatest asset and motivator, and recognising this inspires me to try and support and cultivate this positive feeling in everyone else I know.’ – Sophie Curtis


‘It sounds a bit too much like a cliche to say this, the woman who inspires me the most would be my mum. I’ve always been raised in a single-parent family and my mum has had to face a lot of challenges with me and my brother that were very physically and emotionally draining. I have never really needed to have my dad around because I have my mum who is everything. She continues to make huge differences in people’s lives daily by just offering her support and guidance. Obviously, still very much including me and my brother. Honestly, without my mum I don’t think I would have made it anywhere really. I think to be able to have such an impact on people in such a touching way is so important, especially in current times where we forget how important it is. If I can be anything like my mum, then I know I have done good.’ – Eden Southall-Martin

Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Happy International Women’s Day