1. The wage gap.
  2. People dying of easily cured diseases.
  3. Girls not having the right to education anyone not having the right to education
  4. Starvation
  5. New ‘step up’ films
  6. The kkk.
  7. Mental health issues being treated as inferior to all other health issues.
  8. Rape and the insensitive treatment of rape victims aka asking victims “what were you wearing”
  9. The saying “boys will be boys”
  10. Sexist presentation of female celebrities in the media
  11. Seaworld
  12. Racism in job interviews
  13. Sexism in job interviews
  14. Racism in the beauty industry
  15. Sexism in the beauty industry (COUGH the balm’s nude tude palette COUGH)
  16. The media constantly labelling Miley Cyrus as “out of control” but ignoring her charity work and work for LGBT equality.
  17. Slut shaming
  18. Littering
  19. Religious hatred
  20. Racial hatred
  21. Homophobia
  22. Transphobia
  23. Islamophobia
  24. Any kind of hateful attitude labelled as a “phobia” (you’re not scared, you’re ignorant)
  25. Poverty
  26. Britain First
  27. Fans of 50 shades of gray
  28. The stereotype of feminists as “man haters”
  29. Stereotyping in general
  30. Sexism in the film industry
  31. The view that all models are “bimbos” and everyone in the fashion industry is dumb and superficial.
  32. Women slamming other women
  33. People that don’t understand that gender and biological sex are two different, separate things
  34. Lunchables
  35. Women being told to “man up” and “grow some balls” as if being male and being strong are linked.
  36. People that believe “immigrants are stealing all our jobs”
  37. Sexualisation of female nipples
  38. Breast feeding being banned in certain places
  39. Arts subjects being regarded as “easy” and less important
  40. Periods being taboo
  41. Shops that don’t stock sizes above a 14
  42. Lack of media attention to the black lives matter movement
  43. Seagulls that steal your food
  44. Katie Hopkins
  45. The believe that there are only two sexualities- straight and gay
  46. Hot or not columns
  47. Page 3
  48. The government doing ridiculous things like trying to bring back fox hunting but not improving things like homelessness.
  49. Girls being told their outfit is “too distracting”
  50. Indirect tweets about other people.