Dear Artist, Creator, Mark-Maker,

What made you do what you did? I look at what you left behind, the varying degrees of talent and message and wonder. What made you want to do such a thing? Don’t get me wrong, I love your work – well some of it I love. I can’t deny that random words and shapes, gang signs on the train tracks, don’t exactly leave me inspired, but they do leave me wondering.

I want to know what the single, starting, catalytic thought that lead to your actions was. I want to know whether it was pre-planned or spur of the moment. Yet I can’t find you to ask. You don’t leave any clue of who you are, any name or mention. So I find myself left, just looking at the pen mark, that spray of colour and wondering.



Dear Viewer,

What is it you see, think or feel when you look at such a thing? Are you disgusted, annoyed, inspired, intrigued or do you not even spare it a second thought? Do you wonder what I do?

Don’t you want to do the same? Just grab something, anything and leave a little mark of yourself somewhere. I know I do. I look at the walls covered in colour and think I want to be a part of that. I want to leave a little part of myself amongst the masses; I don’t want to walk away and for it to be like I was never there. Though it’s not often I have a spray can or sharpie in my pocket enabling me to do so.

Where does your line lie between what is art and what is vandalism?

Have you ever even spared it a thought?



Dear observer,

I did that. I left that little mark that you see, that picture, that slogan or statement. Whatever it was, whatever it will be, I haven’t quite decided yet. I like to think it’ll be a spur of the moment thing, some random message that means so much. But I doubt it will, most likely you’re looking at the random ramblings of a girl who, when the moment came didn’t have a clue what to put. But either way, I’m there, amongst all the colour there’s a little piece of me, amongst the masses.