Now the chains are released,

I am free

Now the bars have ceased,

I am free


Now I walk with my life,

In my hands

Yet I still feel the weight of the rope,

Around my hands


Now there is no routine,

I rest my head

Upon the guillotine,

I rest my head


With no room to confide in,

I am lost

Adjusting to this world that’s been hiding,

I am lost


I hear the calling,

“I am free”

I practise the faith,

‘I am free’ religiously


Freedom is given,

I judged it wrong

My soul is ready to be living,

Must I judge that wrong?


I feel numinous,

The sanctity of life

Something more than human, us,

The sanctity of life


It is freedom I cannot feel,

Freedom I cannot see

But I know, at the end of this exertion,

There is beyond freedom,

Waiting for me.