Dear you,

I like to think of issue one being a body- subsistent, strong and each piece different yet necessary and perfect. But issue two is a soul, it’s simple and it’s small but each piece is so full of feeling and creativity and life.

When I was younger I wrote a lot of letters; to friends that lived far away telling them all my latest gossip, to friends in school, thank you letters, apology letters and for a while I wrote letters to my future self. I think letters are the one thing that we’ve ruined with technology, now we only seem to write ‘letters of complaint’ (or you know you’ve really messed up when your parents get a letter from school) as why write a thank you letter when you can just drop someone a text? Why write a love letter when you can just like their selfie on insta? It’s a dying art form I’m desperate to revive.

I wrote my letter to the hotel Chelsea even before issue one was out, and the idea of it played on my mind for a long time as I thought I had so many thank you’s to say and so many messages for the world, not just people but places and emotions and concepts. So I gave a simple brief to my favourite creative people-

“Create a letter to anyone, anything or anywhere.”

At first the letters were going to be part of a larger issue, but the minute I read Simmy’s Self Love Letter I knew this had to be something bigger, it deserved something bigger. And that’s how issue two was born but oh baby has it grown since then. If issue 1 was like welcoming my child into the world, issue 2 was sending my toddler off to nursery.

With every new letter this issue seemed to bloom and it gave me the chance to work with some of the people I admire most like Izaak, Eliza and Sonja who are so ridiculously talented and creative. But also, since issue one was released I’ve had the chance to talk to and work with some amaaazing people like Simmy- the most beautiful strong, positive girl to ever grace twitter, and Lucas- an actual real life rainbow of a human. This is why I started KILORAN, to be able to work with amazing people and this making this issue was a delight.

So MAAAASSIVE thank you to everyone involved for helping to build a soul for KILORAN, you all take my breath away.

I hope this issue makes you feel something and you remember to write thank you letters to those that deserve them in the future,
Love, Lucy Harbron x