Dear Myself,

Today is the day. Today is the day to give yourself the love that you deserve. You have been unkind to yourself for far too long due to the social pressures of high school. You have felt as if the only way to get by is to hide in the background and let people walk all over you.

Today is the day that this stops. You will nourish yourself with a balanced diet and water. You will educate yourself on social issues and stand up for those who need support. You will help STOP racism and spread the message of feminism as everyone is equal. Everyone deserves happiness. Stop confining yourself to society’s expectations of self-hatred. Sprinkle positivity and do things that you are proud of. Take those risks! Learn to be more than satisfied with your own company and don’t let anyone tear you down. Spend more time with people that appreciate you and take control of your future. Never put anything before yourself – YOU ARE A PRIORITY.

Love myself.