Damsel, train track tied
I have blades for your ropes
This tea stained ripped shirt
Masked in cigarette smoke

Hero, look up
Pull your face from my lips
Who here needs saving
Please swallow your kiss

Oh jokers and cowboys
And railway kids
Will run for their bedsheets
Made not from your ribs

Damsel, oh damsel
A worrying quip
Just buckle my bootstraps
Both hands at my hips

Hero, heed horses
Pristine and desperate
Please tell me who’s drowning
Which one of us swims

Damsel, doth anger
And tearaway wit
Displeasing, uneasy
On my lap, now sit

Now hero, choose carefully
Each words be your truth
Please, who here needs saving
Is it me or you?

Sick Damsel, you ruiner
Debaser, you cut
You selfish insulter
You penniless slut

Now damsel be still now
My hands on your thigh
Who here is the saviour
Who here still lies tied

Oh hero, truth traitor
Your soul up in smoke
My hands may be tied
But my true spirit glows

Oh damsel, still talking
Your words are your loss
Your hands to the track, tied
A train soon will cross

Oh hero, let trains be
For trains cannot stop
But men shovelling coal
Own hands God will not wash

Oh hero, track rattling
Nothing we can do
Tell me, who needs saving
Is it me or you


By Lucas Jones