In personality and in frame
She was a loud painting
Colourful, fascinating, strange
She exceeded the size of any standard piece of art
She was a masterpiece

Too colourful, too complicated,
Too big to fit into your bedroom
Too weird and too un-conventional
You didn’t like the look of this painting
But someone told you once
art is not supposed to look nice
Its supposed to make you feel something

To truly love this masterpiece you must see between the lines
Look into every stroke of the brush
Study every curve and every angle
Look into the depth and creation behind the strange exterior
Understand the meaning behind every drop of paint
Master the way in which the painting should be understood

Then you will realise when you grace upon your lips the words
“Too big”
That she was not too big
You were too small
Too small-minded to realise that she is not just a painting

She was a blank canvas that grew larger with the more passion and love that filled her
With every mistake and flaw intertwining together to create something beautiful
You are the one who is over-whelmed by the painting
Because the size of its exterior and interior is too big
For your shallow heart to accept
That nothing will ever be “too big” for this world,
Because someone would finally realise it’s beauty,
it’s complexity and see it in all it’s glory,
To which I pity you
and your small mind
as you will never be able to appreciate the beauty and wonderful sights
that some may see.

By Rachelle Cox