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MINT turbulence


MINT, a Grimsby based foursome, are bracing the perils of the pandemic and coming through with a very aptly named new single Turbulence. Following their single Goodbye Beautiful, the band implores further socio-political issues, albeit doused with angst and nostalgic […]

chloe slow fade

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Chloe – Slow Fade

The Scottish singer emits a combination of melodrama and mystery, creating the ideal bop for any indie-pop night-owl. The long-established relationship between driving and music is a harmony of exploration, creativity, and release. The very act itself involves a consistent […]


‘Caffeine’ : The Rose Affair

Today our favourite band, The Rose Affair, released their new single ‘Caffeine’. The lyrics are poetic and catching, the music video is beautiful and full of cryptic messages, the upbeat riffs mirror perfectly the message of addictive emotion. It signals […]