Bleach Lab's Jenna talks us through her song choices for every occasion

Indie South London foursome, Bleach Lab, have been diffusing the radio airwaves recently with a catalogue just as melancholic as it is effortless. Their latest track Sleep embodies this familiar ethereal indie pop, however, stamped as Bleach Lab’s own with the hypnotic vocals and enduring melodies. With the band firmly on our radar, we caught up with frontwoman Jenna Kyle for a playlist interview. A little glimpse of Bleach Lab’s influences and inspirations plus a playlist to soundtrack, you’re welcome.

What song of your choosing certifies you have good music taste?

It really depends what day you ask me. Today, I’d say Once in a Life Time by Talking Heads. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably give you a different answer. It’s a classic. I also have a very embarrassing story that coincides with listening to that song, but that’s completely another story.

What’s the first song you actually fell in love with? You’ve already proven your strength of music taste – here we welcome everything from nursery rhymes to Eurovision.

I would definitely say it was anything by Enya. You can thank my mum for that.

What song makes you smile?  

Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac. It brings back so many memories of 80’s night and my best friend.

What song makes you cry?              

Comfort – Julia Jacklin. It’s like she took the words out of my mind.

What old song do you have on repeat?         

Cherry Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins. The ethereal, chiming guitar riff and those vocals. I’m still not sure what the lyrics or title mean, however.

What new song do you have on repeat?    

So We Won’t Forget – Khruangbin. An absolute summer drinks on the beach kinda song.

What song was a grower but now a go-to?

So Hot You’re Hurting my Feelings – Caroline Polachek. It isn’t usually the kind of song I would jump straight to, only as I’m not the biggest electro pop fan. However, it really is a good song and I can’t dispute that.

What song did you overplay and now need a break from?                                             

The Mamma Mia soundtrack. I don’t think that needs an explanation either.

What song did you think “that’s a bit of me” at first listen?                                       

Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten. Her voice is so incredibly unique and part of me almost doesn’t believe she didn’t release this song in the 80s.

What’s your favourite Bleach Lab song? 

Released, I’d say Sleep. My ultimate favourite is unreleased as of yet…