Toeing the line between love and obsession, Danny Violet's debut Animate Me is a song to send to your digital crush

Did you ever remember your first crush? Not your real first crush, the one who broke your heart because they said they didn’t leave a Valentines Day card in your tray in year 3 (I’ve not forgotten) but the first time you saw someone, something and thought they’re nice. Mine was Prince Philip from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the one who ‘saved’ Princess Aurora from death so she could live happily ever after with him in a castle and make lots of children and dance around in pretty dresses. I’m sure that was Disney’s mission, hypnotise millions of young children that that’s real love, if a man doesn’t save you from a witch then he ain’t worth your time. Or that a woman will have to devote her life to a man, become his and his only and be forever grateful for the things he does. I would watch the video on repeat, almost ruining the VHS player because I would constantly rewind the tape, it’s not enough to watch it once a day, I need to see his lovely face, his big brown eyes at least three times a day. I was obsessed.

Danny Violet absorbs such obsessiveness of the digital and animated life in his future bass infused debut single Animate Me and unravels the menaces of becoming compelled by a figure who isn’t even real. The Leeds based musician created the track in his basement during lockdown, a fitting place for a track that encompasses the feeling of isolation that comes with being addicted to the online world. The alluring vocals that yearn “when I watch you move, you never look out of place” over the pulsating beats creates a sinister feeling that makes you question your online and real self in the digital age.

Overall, Animate Me is a wake-up call and a fundamental listen for any person who’s involved in the digital world. What helps is that it’s an infectious, synth saturated track that is sinister and bewitching. As debut singles go, this is a standout track that excites any fan of futuristic tunes. Now back to making my Sims 4 family…


Artwork by Emmie Lois