One womxn, for all womxn - Emmie Lois catches up with @francescamnewman, the inspiring CEO behind sustainable fashion brand Delta of Phoenix - talking body, ethics, hustle, and dreams.

Slow fashion that gets your heart racing – this is the new goal many brands are coming to realise is crucial when creating a successful fashion line. We want the excitement of a new garment, without the heavy impact its creation has on the environment and our wider society. Rise, Delta of Phoenix – handmade and made-to-order designs created for bold, brave bodies who love to make a statement. Born out of an array of cosmic colours, sheer passion, and opportunist manifestation, Francesca Newman – the one womxn force behind the brand – is the embodiment of the possibility that comes from chasing your dreams.

#1 Let’s start by taking it back to the beginning. What influenced you to choose fashion as a career, and where did you study?

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamt of being a Fashion Designer and being my own boss, so starting Delta Of Phoenix is genuinely my career dream come true! I studied at Plymouth College Of Art and graduated with a First in the most wonderful Fashion degree.

#2 Massive vibes to you for working two jobs at the moment to fund your design dreams… we love to see the hustle! What would your advice be to any aspiring creatives who are thinking of doing the same?

My advice would be to absolutely take the risk. Do what makes your soul shine.

#3 We love Delta Phoenix’s transparency on its commitment to slow, ethical fashion practices. On your website you’ve expressed how you use second-hand, recycled end of roll fabrics, locally sourced from small businesses. This is fantastic, but has this ever been a challenge when it comes to the design process? Has it ever felt limiting?

Absolutely! I have to be aware of which fabrics and trims are sustainably available and accessible before I commit to designs, in order to truly keep it sustainable/eco-aware. I’m super lucky to live so close to London, where there are so many small, local and independent sources.

#4 ALL BODIES ARE BIKINI BODIES – we love your mantra! Speaking of bodies, who would be your dream client to dress, and why?

Oh, there are so many wonderful womxn I’d love to dress! I would just love to see the way Aureta Thomollari and Sita Bellan would eclectically style up Delta Of Phoenix garments…also, of course, dressing Lizzo would be a dream!

#5 You’ve expressed a desire to develop a Delta Phoenix team in the near future, tell us a bit more about your long-term goals for the brand?

My absolute dream is to create a true Delta Of Phoenix studio, with a team full of love. I’ve always hoped that Delta will offer flexible working hours for those that need it, or maybe even a basis of training as either a seamstress or designer for those that want to explore their options or have no other options. From a brand/business perspective, I have already achieved so many goals I set for myself last year, from becoming an international brand to creating garments with zero fabric waste. As for the future, my absolute dream would be to feature at LFW, with an entirely waste-free collection that truly glows.

#6 We see that you’re currently based in London. Has this been significantly important in the development of your fashion business? For example, have you found you’ve had more opportunities by being able to work in and around the capital? I ask because a lot of our readers are Northern, and feel as though many creative careers – particularly fashion – are strictly London-bound.

Absolutely! For Delta Of Phoenix, being oh so close to London’s hub of creatives and wonderful resources has been invaluable. However, I feel like most cities will emanate an equivalent aura of innovation.

#7 We can see from your Instagram that you have your aesthetic down to a T. Who/what are your biggest inspirations when it comes to designing your collections?

Oh, thank you! My influences intertwine and bloom as the season’s change. However, I always find inspiration in vintage silhouettes, and I’m just absolutely obsessed with bold and bright colours, Delta Of Phoenix is unapologetically bright. I also find inspiration in the wonderful womxn that surround me.


#8 When you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, what is your go-to playlist/artist that powers you through?

So right now day-to-day, I just adore the LSD album (Labrinth, Sia & Diplo collaborative). ‘Thunderclouds’ and ‘Audio’ are a really wonderful way to start the day feeling empowered. Laura Mvula’s album with the Metropole Orkest is just beautiful too. I listen to so many audiobooks and podcasts too – at the moment, I’m listening to The Mirror And The Light by Hilary Mantel which is just wonderful, and The No Sleep Podcast is perfectly spooky.

#9 And finally… can we have any hints for what’s coming in the next Delta Of Phoenix collection?

So – think Holly Golightly goes Harajuku! So excited to share with y’all.

Delta of Phoenix’s latest collection debuts on October 1st. 

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*Womxn is a term used to signify women with the absence of men, this is inclusive of all women, inclusive of transwomen, femmes, enbies, etc.