Saytr Play VCR

With plenty of us having a routine of getting up later than usual, replacing the sound of an early morning commute with the dominating BBC News theme tune and the world around us slowing down, there’s one band that show no sign of stopping.

As the band build up to the release of their upcoming EP In Truth I Fear For The Heart, ‘VCR’ compliments the feeling of being trapped in a society that yearns for something you aren’t. “Time keeps slipping away, the walls are getting closer to me everyday” frontman Fred Farrell sings within the first 20 seconds of the track. It could be about being stuck indoors, with the impending want from society to be creative, exercise, eat well, drink but don’t drink too much, whilst on lockdown. But it could also be about something much deeper than that.

Akin to their single ‘Future’ which was released earlier this year, ‘VCR’ projects the Saytr Play eccentricity of spreading a fundamental message disguised in an upbeat, sanguine sound. Farrell says:

“Though the music is uplifting, this song is a reminder to myself to be aware of my surroundings and not get sucked into the illusion of everybody else. Love you for you, not what people perceive of you.”

VCR’s persona isn’t for conforming to what society wants, rather what society needs. The persona of the track, which could be a lot of young people who feel like they were simply born in the wrong era, craves understanding. “Hours, days, minimum wage, selling VCR in a digital age” reflects on just that. The feeling of wanting to be understood, doing what you do for love not for money. It’s the feeling that there might be something more functional out there but keeping your uniqueness is far more important.

Linking these key life lessons through a catchy, melodic chorus is what Saytr Play does best. Having a room of people sing along such pivotal statements whilst at the same time creating a beat that is playful is something that many musicians neglect.

At the heart of this single is keeping fans connected and together, the music video which features fans dancing in their room during lockdown, is heartwarming and shows music done good. Saytr at home!

‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ is released on 24th April and you can pre-order it HERE.

Image credits to Dirtyroknroller & Dominic Walsh