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lucy harbron


Germination : Lucy Harbron

s p r i n g Germination is a piece about taking time. It’s a self-affirming message of accepting rest after hurt, waiting and then getting back up. Not a rebirth, just a regrowth, a rejuvenation. ‘I will be still […]


The Past Us : Lucy Harbron

The Past Us is a poem about the realisation that your love has changed. It’s a poem about looking back at a relationship and realising it’s become so misshapen over time, it hardly looks like love at all anymore, it […]

#head talks

The Hand : Lucy Harbron

It was stamped all over me, a hand, two hands; gigantic and red and smothering. Stamped, again and again, with a force that made my skin convex, pushed me into the shape. My cells pulling, trying to avoid it, but […]