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An Ode to my Teenage Bedroom

I never really imagined I’d become as nostalgic for my teenage bedroom as I did. When I moved to uni, I was ready to leave behind any bad memories I had associated with it. To begin with, I forgot how […]

The Motherland

The motherland too many dark days and not enough sunlight it really is grim up North My darling years filled with cherry wine and not enough sleep I’m saddened to inform you that my time here has come to an […]

A Wooden Surrender

I wondered what had toppled that torso of sturdy oak, crippled, hollow, beneath a frosted cape of white, recalled how high those branches stretched, to sky, to cloud, far from from the humble earth beneath; I was younger than the […]

Two Years Of Trying Out Homes

Midnight violet tinted midnight settles along the shingles the quiet embracing the souls nestled in warm sheets duvets radiating light from sweet dreams past of life and jungles tangled with branches and thick with the entrancing call of the unknown […]


I moved three times in the last year. My preconceptions of what a “home” is meant to be seemed to dissolve the longer I spent living on my own. Searching for a sense of home felt like aiming for a […]