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Two Years Of Trying Out Homes

Midnight violet tinted midnight settles along the shingles the quiet embracing the souls nestled in warm sheets duvets radiating light from sweet dreams past of life and jungles tangled with branches and thick with the entrancing call of the unknown […]

Music And America

A year ago, I travelled solo across the United States of America, through 13 different cities over a two month period, only staying in each place for a couple of days. Music and songwriting were my only constant. I woke […]

Moving Me

I had this idea in my head of what it would be like when I moved. I thought getting a job would be easy, I thought I would be doing things everyday. But it took 3 weeks to get a […]

What’s Mine Is Mine

Mine are the walls these finger tips have felt. Mine is the skin this ink has pierced. Mine are the bruises this body has bore. Mine is the weight these shoulders have carried. Mine are the goosebumps this skin has […]

Amour Fou

I danced terribly, sang worse. Cut off more of my hair I smoked too much Drank in excess Spent what little I had on nothing to show. Spoke in two tongues I lived in pure bliss. I cried tears of […]