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Amour Fou

I danced terribly, sang worse. Cut off more of my hair I smoked too much Drank in excess Spent what little I had on nothing to show. Spoke in two tongues I lived in pure bliss. I cried tears of […]

A Work In Progress

By the age of 12 I had firmly decided upon my future self undergoing at least five cosmetic surgeries. 1. Boob job – I’m naturally small chested but at 12 so was pretty much everyone else. 2. Liposuction in my […]

Ribs Become Prison Bars

You are the bark of the blossom tree. The rough untamed exterior, Constantly looking up in adoration To the flowers perched on the tip of each branch.   They become your aspiration Your inspiration, Those thoughts at midnight that prance […]

Dear Artist

  Dear Artist, Creator, Mark-Maker, What made you do what you did? I look at what you left behind, the varying degrees of talent and message and wonder. What made you want to do such a thing? Don’t get me […]

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger, I’m willing to bet you don’t remember me. I’ve got to admit I barely remember you; you’re a fuzzy image of a big black duffle bomber jacket and a scared expression. God, I don’t even remember how old […]

Leeds Festival Review

Music festivals have become something so much more than just a collection of bands. Now they’re an experience, a place where people escape to and spend days lost in this haze of noise and excitement. It’s become a place where […]

The Sea

 Words by Eliza Caraher, Photos by Lucy Harbron It’s when the clouds are that nervous grey, the grey that reflects on the sea making it silver, like the scales of one of the fish beneath its waves. When the sea looks […]