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It is time to stretch my arms over the blue seas & lie in foreign beds again. my tongue yearns for the salted taste of seasides, comfort & home. I leave again today, pinning myself to opposite ends of this […]


Lowlands The pressure pops and I’m shocked out of sleep. Up north the heathered hills gave me shelter, But they glowered down like traitorous guards Whose spears would turn if the clouds gathered right.   Evening sun lies heavy on […]

The Motherland

The motherland too many dark days and not enough sunlight it really is grim up North My darling years filled with cherry wine and not enough sleep I’m saddened to inform you that my time here has come to an […]

Here’s To The Past

The words in which I once shared with a crumpled piece of paper revealed more about my inner most thoughts than what has ever come out of my own mouth   The blistering navy blue of the pen smudged with […]

Too Big

In personality and in frame She was a loud painting Colourful, fascinating, strange She exceeded the size of any standard piece of art She was a masterpiece Too colourful, too complicated, Too big to fit into your bedroom Too weird […]