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Issue 3-

Tackling the body, its issues and it’s beauty.

The Body You’re In

You know you’re not just bones and skin You should be happy with the body you’re in From the sorrow behind your eyes we’d find The wonderful thoughts that fill your mind The way your small hands used to create […]

An Unsolvable Puzzle

(Art by Rachelle Cox) Body, soul, all as one, But sometimes they go against each other, Like enemies who can’t be in the same room, Or they are best friends, like sister and brother. Body, made up of Cells, tissue, […]

Beauty In 140 Characters

Beauty is a complex thing. People interpret it’s meaning in many ways, but interpretations sometimes link to one another. To make it less complex and see the common thread between opinions, I thought of asking some teen bloggers to explain […]


My emotion spills through my ink. I give you my own blood willingly for you to sample. Alas, I soon harden and set. I fashion my own noose and suddenly I cannot move anymore. Bounded, in a singular form I […]

My Mannequin

Unblemished and blank she is, A statue with breath so colourless and unable to call To passers-by with bags weighing their arms: An empty canvas laid bare for all. She catches my attention like The pretty dream catcher that she […]

Too Big

In personality and in frame She was a loud painting Colourful, fascinating, strange She exceeded the size of any standard piece of art She was a masterpiece Too colourful, too complicated, Too big to fit into your bedroom Too weird […]


(Photo by Rachelle Cox) Lucy Harbron (Editor) Woman, writer, lit student, feminist, Patti Smith fanatic & wanna-be Chelsea Hotel babe. Instagram- @lucyharbron_ Twitter- @lucyharbron Rachelle Cox 18 year old amateur photographer n artist trying to make a difference in the […]