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issue 2~ Letters to anyone, anything, anywhere

Dear Artist

  Dear Artist, Creator, Mark-Maker, What made you do what you did? I look at what you left behind, the varying degrees of talent and message and wonder. What made you want to do such a thing? Don’t get me […]


Lucy Harbron (Founder & Editor) 17 year old busy editing KILORAN, writing my lil heart out  & probably re-watching Sex and The City. Instagram- @lucyharbron_ Twitter- @lucyharbron Eliza Caraher Probably in leopard print and pretending I’m cool. I just wanna […]

Dear Red

Dear Red, Where do I start? Where did we start? How far have we come from being boxed up to being the birthplace of lyrics and the deepest of thoughts? How many tears have you seen me cry, how many […]

Dear Younger Daisy

Dear younger Daisy, First of all, cut that hair off – you don’t like it long and you want it short, just cut it off. Secondly, when people ask you to do something, always say yes – don’t hesitate, just […]

Dear Camera

Dear Camera, The moonlight illuminated the hidden corners of my bedroom, shining its light and casting shadows of people and places that were once everything to me. I felt determined to find you again as my pensive mood created a […]

To My Future Boyfriends

Dear Future Boyfriends, It’s bizarre to think that you’re walking on this planet right now – maybe you’ve even walked past me but the stars didn’t align on that particular occasion (but we both know they will eventually). Maybe you’ve […]

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger, I’m willing to bet you don’t remember me. I’ve got to admit I barely remember you; you’re a fuzzy image of a big black duffle bomber jacket and a scared expression. God, I don’t even remember how old […]