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Artificial Light

Can’t go home yet Home is truth Home denies my neverending youth Home knows that I Like trees towards sky Must grow; Home knows Me.   Home is love and Home is feeling But home has four walls and a […]


“You’re going on a gap year, where are you travelling to?” This is a popular question that often arose towards the end of my exams to which I always responded “nowhere, I’m staying at home. I just need to learn […]


You can see the world from up here. It makes me scared to ever look away. I recall first seeing you in this light, and how the silver darted off your lips into the unexpecting dull of my retina. White […]

Home Was Never A House For Me

When I was a little girl, I’d always fantasise about going to the fair Every time I was there, it felt like I was returning home again I’d eagerly await to go on the pretty carousel, so I could feel […]

An Ode to my Teenage Bedroom

I never really imagined I’d become as nostalgic for my teenage bedroom as I did. When I moved to uni, I was ready to leave behind any bad memories I had associated with it. To begin with, I forgot how […]

The Home Run

It is a slippery word Tumbling so quickly from your lips You don’t have time to figure it out. A place talked about so much in your present, Yet nearly always referring to the future A place where you will […]


It is time to stretch my arms over the blue seas & lie in foreign beds again. my tongue yearns for the salted taste of seasides, comfort & home. I leave again today, pinning myself to opposite ends of this […]


Lowlands The pressure pops and I’m shocked out of sleep. Up north the heathered hills gave me shelter, But they glowered down like traitorous guards Whose spears would turn if the clouds gathered right.   Evening sun lies heavy on […]


There is a reason I say nothing, why I walk on raised toes, pull up on the door handle to hide the whisper of the carpet, lean but never leave my room, listening listening to the rain listening to the […]

The Motherland

The motherland too many dark days and not enough sunlight it really is grim up North My darling years filled with cherry wine and not enough sleep I’m saddened to inform you that my time here has come to an […]