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Lucy Harbron


Germination : Lucy Harbron

s p r i n g Germination is a piece about taking time. It’s a self-affirming message of accepting rest after hurt, waiting and then getting back up. Not a rebirth, just a regrowth, a rejuvenation. ‘I will be still […]


The Past Us : Lucy Harbron

The Past Us is a poem about the realisation that your love has changed. It’s a poem about looking back at a relationship and realising it’s become so misshapen over time, it hardly looks like love at all anymore, it […]

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The Hand : Lucy Harbron

It was stamped all over me, a hand, two hands; gigantic and red and smothering. Stamped, again and again, with a force that made my skin convex, pushed me into the shape. My cells pulling, trying to avoid it, but […]


‘Caffeine’ : The Rose Affair

Today our favourite band, The Rose Affair, released their new single ‘Caffeine’. The lyrics are poetic and catching, the music video is beautiful and full of cryptic messages, the upbeat riffs mirror perfectly the message of addictive emotion. It signals […]