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Home is where the ? is

Hygge : a playlist

Falling Short : Lapsley Beach Baby : Bon Iver Naked as We Came : Iron & Wine Mystery of Love : Sufjan Stevens Oliver : Brooke Bentham Blanket : Siv Jakobsen Super 8 Eyes : Benjamin Francis Leftwich Archie, Marry […]

Artificial Light

Can’t go home yet Home is truth Home denies my neverending youth Home knows that I Like trees towards sky Must grow; Home knows Me.   Home is love and Home is feeling But home has four walls and a […]


“You’re going on a gap year, where are you travelling to?” This is a popular question that often arose towards the end of my exams to which I always responded “nowhere, I’m staying at home. I just need to learn […]


You can see the world from up here. It makes me scared to ever look away. I recall first seeing you in this light, and how the silver darted off your lips into the unexpecting dull of my retina. White […]

Home Was Never A House For Me

When I was a little girl, I’d always fantasise about going to the fair Every time I was there, it felt like I was returning home again I’d eagerly await to go on the pretty carousel, so I could feel […]

An Ode to my Teenage Bedroom

I never really imagined I’d become as nostalgic for my teenage bedroom as I did. When I moved to uni, I was ready to leave behind any bad memories I had associated with it. To begin with, I forgot how […]

The Home Run

It is a slippery word Tumbling so quickly from your lips You don’t have time to figure it out. A place talked about so much in your present, Yet nearly always referring to the future A place where you will […]