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I, me, mine


Grew in the womb listening to a single heart beat and that song still resonates loud, loud (could be a strength – or say it may be a recluse that is me…) oneliness equates to weakness, supposedly but do not […]


I was riper than fire, swallowed by coal that spat out bones.   I thought they were mine, my bones to fold into a clone – A body with no cracks I could own.   Her body had no cracks. […]

The Saviour

Damsel, train track tied I have blades for your ropes This tea stained ripped shirt Masked in cigarette smoke Hero, look up Pull your face from my lips Who here needs saving Please swallow your kiss Oh jokers and cowboys […]

Music And America

A year ago, I travelled solo across the United States of America, through 13 different cities over a two month period, only staying in each place for a couple of days. Music and songwriting were my only constant. I woke […]

Moving Me

I had this idea in my head of what it would be like when I moved. I thought getting a job would be easy, I thought I would be doing things everyday. But it took 3 weeks to get a […]


Three people, two boys and a girl, climb a hill that glows with streetlights in the dusk. Their voices rise and fall with triumphant joy, like a fountain set to music. But their tone is less graceful. The girl’s voice, […]

A Request

Mine, ‘till the flock of tern dither Their marching of the skies That stretch o’er lands that wither Until new land do rise. Upon stillest mid-day waters, Where throngs of fish defy The attempt of heron’s slaughter: I shall here […]