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An Ode to my Teenage Bedroom

I never really imagined I’d become as nostalgic for my teenage bedroom as I did. When I moved to uni, I was ready to leave behind any bad memories I had associated with it. To begin with, I forgot how […]

The Motherland

The motherland too many dark days and not enough sunlight it really is grim up North My darling years filled with cherry wine and not enough sleep I’m saddened to inform you that my time here has come to an […]


My body was a shape shifter A cruel stranger that obscured, contorted and twisted transforming from ghostly thin to suddenly twice the size a wobbling mess of flesh Hours upon hour spent gazing into unforgiving mirrors Blotchy critical eyes, painting […]


I. We pricked our fat, pink fingers, bonded by blood. Still, I search for signs of sisterhood, for white-line ladies who white lie like I. Who grew tired of waiting to shrink away again, who sink in girlhood’s shallow end, […]


Three people, two boys and a girl, climb a hill that glows with streetlights in the dusk. Their voices rise and fall with triumphant joy, like a fountain set to music. But their tone is less graceful. The girl’s voice, […]

Stigma-ta Wounds

In my field of vision, I feel like the enchained African, enslaved Daily bigotry encumbers the days; Impairs my cognition; flood of theta waves Double consciousness Creator and destroyer of self-confidence Seeing myself through the coloured White view, The Stigma-ta […]

Mixed Identity

You’re four years old. It’s your first day of a new school and everyone is excited to meet you, or rather, touch you. They circle you, hands grabbing your hair. “It’s so bouncy! Fluffy! Messy! Do you wash it? Do […]